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Life Is About Perspective! By "Perspective" Himself

Life is about perspective. We encounter individuals with one perspective and often times the original perspective is correct but further communication with individual can taint a perspective that is true and discover a new perspective that is equally true. How two perspectives can be equally true. For example, you meet a man who seems quite loving and charming this is your orginial perspective. Upon deeper involvement you discover they are quite selfish and stubborn. The original perspective can be true and the second perspective is true.

Life is about managing our perspectives because they determine greatly how we perceive and process our decisions. Many will face horrific situations which on one perspective looks detrimental, but upon further investigation one will see a different perspective from the storms of life that sometimes shatter us into pieces. Upon investigation, the shattering or fragmentation of our soul was quite necessary to making us who we are today.

Life is about perspective and each day inspite and despite the negativity we should long to find a "deeper" perspective. It is quite possible to have a right perspective and miss another equally true perspective.

It is through the lense of faith in God we have this unique perspective. We can find treasure in trash, a message in mess, and testimony in testing. Faith in God is not an absence of problems, but an invitation to "deeper" perspective.

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