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You should be able to look back on your life and see continuous growth, change, and evolution.

Bump 5 years, what has changed since last year???

What about in the last 6 months???

Stinking thinking will only keep your dreaming sinking!

Unless you have maximized on all avenues of success, reached all your hopes and dreams and are completely satisfied, nothing in your life should be at a standstill and you should be constantly striving for more, for greater, and for better.

Let's be real here y'all, some of our roads aren't so nicely paved as others and didn't come with traffic signals and street signs like stop, yield, make a U turn to make our paths a litle more easier...I can relate because I come from that dirt road too; not the nicely paved road. I come from the dirt road that was too dark to see any signals and signs to warn me when I was going the wrong way or when I needed to slow down.

I can think of a number of things that you may have told yourself to make it is easier on accepting failure, but let's make this clear, it's not that you didn't have a fair shot. Sometimes you have to realize that you forfeited the game. You threw the towel in. You quit. You took yourself out of the game, they didn't do it.

Its not because you took a loss, we've all taken a loss or two. Some have taken so many that they lost count. I don't know a champion who hasn't taken a loss. The majority of time, all you see is one's glory, and never know the actual story...the sweat and tears it took before they got there. Being defeated should not be an option.

Its not because of those genes you were bred with. Its not because you gave it your all or you would still be trying. Too many people have proven that you can rise despite it all. If that's the case then there would be no such thing as a crack addict getting clean, a victim becoming a survivor, the homeless becoming a homeowner, a drug dealer leaving the game. A couple of great testimonies that I think of are: Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey, Judge Mathis, Charlie Wilson, Maya Angelou, Bethany Hamilton, Juanita Bynum, Hydeia Broadbent, and so many more.

So what really is your excuse?

There was a time when I too have had stinking thinking. Stinking thinking has had me engage in relationships that were dead end roads, has had me compromise my self worth, has had me miss opportunities, has placed me in situations that I could've avoided, has had me in debt, has cost me money, wasted time, wasted energy, and has had to cause me unnecessary pain. But once I realized that my thinking was stinking, I've been able to stop sinking my dreaming! The idea is for your dreams to come to become realities! Your dreams are designed to float not sink, but you are the captain of your ship.

What's really the hold up? What's really the rut that you are in? I guarantee you that it is you! Somehow someway you have a whole lot to do with all your sinking dreaming. Too many have proven that it's not where you been, it's where you are determined to go.

I could've stopped dreaming when my daddy chose to sexual abuse me. I could've just quit when I became a teen mom. I could've actually believed what statistics, people, supposed to be friends, men, and my own family said that I would amount to be. I could've refused to see beyond the life of a pole, a stage, and quick money. I could've chose drugs to cope just like my daddy after all that I've been through. I could've remained numb and kept thinking that I was winning because of all of the money and material things that once upon a time I let define me. I could've dismissed my failures to concluding that it was the faults of those that failed me because they were the ones to protect me. I could've continued to believe I was not worth more than what I once settled for in men. I could've kept on being angry and taking my anger out on those who weren't even guilty. I could've accepted the cold heart that replaced the warm heart that I once had before I was faced with life on life terms.

You see, we just might have a valid argument about our stinking thinking, but what good does that do when the result is..."you lose and your dreams sink!" You lose what was destined for you! Why not allow all of the things that have caused your stinking thinking to do the opposite! Allow all of those things to become your ammunition to make your dreams float! Allow those things to remind you of the reason why you deserve those dreams so much more!

Stinking thinking will only keep your dreaming sinking! But I want to see your dreams float, I want to see your dreams manifest into realities! You don't have these desires in your heart for entertainment or to tease you. These desires of your heart are for you to go out and attain it! I told you earlier, that once my thinking stopped stinking, my dreaming stopped sinking...and so will yours!

Much love cause' JoJo Knows!

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