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No! You Can't Back Down!

Back down for who and for what! We cannot afford to back down despite our current situation. Sometimes we go through things but those things can either make us or break us. Truth is, we are more than a conqueror and if you don't believe that, that is the first thing that must change! We often want to blame being defeated on circumstances, generational curses, mistakes, heartbreaks, trusting the wrong people, when in actuality we defeat ourselves.

If someone has that much power over you right now to cause you to fail, to take your life and do with it what they please, to make you hate, to make you bitter, to strip you of your joy, and actually change your mindset to actually conclude to you not being good enough for anything

other than what you have or lost, then you are backed down, broke down, and you will stay down if you don't bounce back up.

Maybe you made a bad choice that the consequence has brought you to where you are! Get over it! We all make bad choices. I've made some real sucky, stupid, "can't believe I did that" choices, but I've had to get over them because I refuse to back down!

How do you get over them? How do you refuse to back down?

1. You own your mistakes, your losses, your oops.

2. You forgive yourself.

3. You learn from them.

4.. You move forward.

5. You allow your mistakes, your losses, and your oops to make you greater.

There is something more wrong than your bad choice, bad circumstances, and bad state of mind and that is staying in the rut of your bad choice and allowing it to consume you and keep you in the place that you're in.

I say to you, back down for who and for what because if you are reading this, then you are still capable to bounce back up. Stop zooming in on the "Why me?" Why not you? What excluded you from the struggles of life, what excluded you from not being perfect? What excluded you from falling in love with the wrong man or the wrong woman? What excluded you from being careless with your money? What excluded you from making the wrong investment? What excluded you from choosing the wrong friends? What excluded you from being born into a family of struggle, pain, and turmoil? What excluded you from not having the best mom or your dad never being there? What excluded you from making mistakes? What excluded you from screwing up a time or two? What excluded you from the struggle?

My point is.. We are not excluded from the lessons of life! You were not excluded from the cards that have been dealt, whether they were dealt to you or you dealt them to yourself. But after you know what you know now, and after you've been through what you have been through, what and who is excluding you now from bouncing back up???? It can only be you! So back down for who and for what! You have an obligation to not back down and to not give up and to know what you deserve despite of what you've been given or served yourself thus far. You don't back down from what you deserve! You owe you!

JoJo Know that You Don't Back Down For Nothing! Success is so far away because you backed down instead of going to get it! Love is so far away because you backed down instead of knowing that you deserve it! Forgiveness is so far away because you backed down from embracing it. Redemption is so far away because you won't even move. Greater is so far away because you backed down and became complacent. Can You Handle Your Truth?

I love ya'll! Back Down For Who and For What?????? Share this with your friends, your loved ones, your page, but first and foremost, share this with your soul! Have a great week!

Love JoJo

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