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You "Learn" Something New Everyday!

So I'm having a conversation with someone who I look up to tremendously and they reveal to me that I didn't dialogue with them. My initial response is that I'm a talker, I'm a chatter box and yes, they confirmed that I am a talker but also that I don't dialogue. Let's be honest here, I talk on my "JoJo Knows" videos. So now I'm confused at this point because not only do I talk, I press record and I put my talking on social media. I talk when I mentor and I talk when I counsel. This influential person went further to provide more of a visual of what they meant by what they were saying and they helped me recognize that throughout our conversation back and forth throughout the entire day, they had asked me numerous of questions and that I had asked not a one. Weirdly I had to agree that I had not!

Now why is this was my next immediate question to myself? Why is it that I'm such an open book but yet during opportunities of dialogue today, I became quiet where there were moments of silence? How often am I this person and to whom? Is it to everyone or is it only to some? Is it to a certain type of people? Then there's the reality that people who have shared this same experience could have me misperceived. Some could find me to be boring or bored, some could consider me to be dry, some could find me to be stuck up, and some could find me to be shy!

My answer is, I don't freaking no why ya'll! It was brought to my attention and it was oh so true! Your next question probably, is what is my point? My point is, we "learn" something new everyday. But do we truly, really, actually learn? A synonym of learn is absorb. To learn is to absorb! Some of us have opportunities to learn something new everyday and that opportunity slips us by because we actually never absorb it. Often times we miss the entire freaking lesson. To you this story may sound like something small, you may not get it because what I learned today was meant for me, not you! But for me knowing who I am as a person, having gone through my experiences and my background, it was huge to receive this today and I absorbed it.

I said something in the second to last sentence; I referenced the word SMALL. Sometimes, big lessons come in SMALL packages. Sometimes it's the littlest things that holds the strongest, most influential meaning. And sometimes you can be at the same place, at the same time, with a group of people who were right there with you but the learning opportunity wasn't for them and they will not every understand where you're coming from or maybe they were meant to learn something totally different. Some of you may learn something new right now in reading this blog. Grasp every opportunity to truly LEARN something new everyday!

Some of you said that you learned something new on yesterday and today, but the reality is that you can't even remember what that something was! So in actuality, you didn't learn a thing! How many times have we missed that opportunity to learn. I know that I've missed that train time and time again and I'm not trying to miss anymore. If you take nothing else from today's blog, take this: JoJo Knows that you should open your mind and your heart to learn something new each day! Something SMALL just might be something HUMONGOUS! Be more in tuned with yourself and the universe! Be more in tuned with the people that enter and exit out of your life! Be more in tuned with your experiences, your thoughts, your decisions, your influences, and your ways! Be more in tuned with what God is trying to speak into your life! Be more in tuned with what God is trying to show you!

Much love cause JoJo Knows!

#Canyouhandleyourtruth #Learnsomethingnew #learn #JoJoKnows

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