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I affirm that I am absolutely fabulous.

My greatness is beyond measure,

And what is in my box cannot consume me.

My box does not dismiss, or discount me.

In actuality, it refuels me.

My box is affirmation of my strength.

My box is no excuse to lose, but every reason to win.

In every aspect of my life, my box exemplifies my beauty.

I am worthy.

I am phenomenal.

I am not perfect, but I am perfectly made.

I will forgive every person that has hurt me.

And I forgive me too.

I affirm that I am the bomb baby!

And whoever doesn’t know this, the hell with them!

I refuse to settle.

I refuse to be complacent.

I refuse to let life slip me by.

I effuse greatness, and the things I desire, I deserve.

I affirm today and every day that my box is filled with my story, and my story is not done.

Much love cause JoJo Knows! Can you handle your truth?

#Affirmation #JoJoKnows #Canyouhandleyourtruth

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